Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend

Hello all
Easter weekend is upon us and getting ready to have a huge dinner with my family.
I would like to extend a happy easter to all you out that have been ready my blog let me know if you are.
Today was a great day , the kind of day that makes me love being a kilt maker .
A customer asked me if I would be able to make him a kilt in the Irish Saffron I was able to having the fabric already in the the workshop in our 11oz polyviscose from the United Kingdom wonderful stuff. This customer is a return customer he had ordered a kilt in the Donegal Tartan before Robbie Burns and I was able to make it for him, he was very pleased with how well it was constructed it had sentimental value because his mother just recntly passed away and he promised her he would wear it , so he was able to keep his promise. Now just last week we were speaking and he mentioned the Saffron kilt and i said to him no problem let me know when you want it he needed it by friday April 2 . Kilt completed by the scheduled time here is my favorite part he picks up the kilt and is totally loving it he is beside himself with excitement and says to me that he can't believe how amazing my work is , I thank him humblely and he goes on is way home to enjoy his new kilt .
I love when I can do this for a person it's really great to see the persons face when they get their kilt and examine it and see them fall in love.
Hope you all out there have a wonderful easter and we see u in a couple days

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  1. Very nice scottish kilt rental you have. This guy is so cute with his mens kilts!