Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tartan Day Fergus and other goings on

Well this weekend was eventful !!!!!!!!!!
Saturday I was asked the pipe in the dignitaries for a Haiti relief concert in Orangeville Ontario it was an amazing event tons of talent were there to perform and I was well received there and was given the nickname "Peter Piper" by the host of the evening . I was glad i was able to add to their event.
Sunday was tartan day in my home town of Fergus all the pubs in town had bands playing and folks were wandering from pub to pub .
The Owner of the Goofie Newfie Rebecca, and myself put together a raffle and we raffled off one of my kilts to raise money for charity, for it being the first time we ever worked together on a project it went really, we raised money and people loved it the lucky gentlemen was extremely happy to have won , the kilt will be in the Canadian Maple tartan.
Thanks folks

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