Saturday, March 27, 2010

My First Blog

Well, hello
I am the head kilt maker for Canadian Casual Kilts in Fergus, Ontario. I have been making kilts for a number of years and thought it would be cool if I kept a blog of my goings on in the world of kilt making.
Presently I have been making kilts for the band the Mudmen, WWE wrestlers the Highlanders, Ewan Brown and Darcy Furness of the Glengarry Bhoys, Cory Walden of The Rogues, and recently Gord Taylor of the Real McKenzies. I have made kilts for a great many people and am very proud of the quality of the work that has been coming out of my work shop. I am a one man show and like it that way. It takes a bit longer, but I am the one in control, and my signature is on each and every kilt that I build.
Our kilts are a little different than what has traditionally been made. I make a traditional style kilt in both 5 yards and 8 yards but the difference is the fabric I use. I found an incredible fabric called poly-viscose, woven in the United Kingdom, done in 80 family tartans and generic tartans. We have been able to make a custom fit at an affordable price and we are the first ones to make a 12oz poly-viscose Canadian Maple Leaf tartan kilt, which has been the most popular tartan to date.
Among other things, I have been playing the pipes for almost 2 years now and feel that I have progressed well in this area. Last, but not least, I am married to the most wonderful woman who has been nothing but supportive in my endeavour in kilt making and I have a daughter who means everything to me. I can't believe I have such a loving family.
So for now...... that's all I have to say so take care for now and watch for post pics and vids of Canadian Casual Kilts goings on.
Kilt maker Pete

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