Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cambridge Scottish and Highland Games

Yesterday was the 35th Cambridge Scottish festival and Highland Games. We were part of the festivities as vendors and it was a success day for us .
  The festival itself was fantastic, from great pipe bands to the heavy events, I was able to watch some of the solo competitions and it gave me the courage to want to compete . I t was a great day full of very positive people. Canadian Casual Kilts were very well received by the crowd at the Games this year I was really busy with folks chatting about our kilts and how they differ and what makes them such a good option . One of the best parts of the day came when a an older customer came by to say hello and he was wearing one of the kilts I have made him and he told a potential customer of how much he loved his kilt and how it has been through the ring and kept its shape etc, well that potential customer is now a customer and is excited about his kilt . The other great thing about Cambridge was how my wife and I were working as a team selling kilts and giving information it was the first time in a long time, our daughter who is now 4 was keeping herself busy but later on, wanted to see the pipers play funny at home she yells for me to stop piping but out at the festival she sat and watched the mass band and was dancing ,  and enjoying herself she, is she trying to tell me something ?
  Also we had a large number of people really interested in the Black Isle tartan that we are weaving in the poly/viscose it will be ready by September, If your interested in purchasing a custom made kilt in the Black Isle contact me be one of the first to wear this new concept in tartan fashion .
 Well folks heres some of the day its hard to get pics as I am busy running my booth enjoy for now.

 Cheers MacH

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